The SNP needs a real change in direction - and a more focussed approach to arguing the case for independence. We need to reach out to a much wider audience and stop relying on the Scottish Parliament as the sole focus of our campaigning. It is one of the most important tools we have but cannot be the be-all and end-all of the independence argument.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

SNP Finances

The state of the SNP's finances has been making the news today.

Obviously we can’t continue these levels of debt and the debt is being reduced.

You have to remember that our party is not backed by the megabucks of big business or trade unions. Nor, therefore, are we in thrall to them either.

One of the best ways of improving our revenue stream is to have the party enthused and excited with campaigning and spreading the positive message of independence. That activity will attract new members and therefore new money.


  • At 3 August 2004 at 09:47, Blogger Peter Dow said…

    Dear Roseanna,

    I had hoped for fresh thinking from you on the SNP foreign and defence policies - but that seems not to be after hearing your comment on the TV last night regarding "unjust and illegal wars".

    I presume that you are saying that you would want to continue SNP policy opposing the liberation of Iraq and opposing ensuring that Saddam was disarmed of weapons of mass destruction capability?

    So you would have left Saddam in charge of Iraq and trusted him not to build or to purchase and use weapons of mass destruction.

    I'm sorry but I can't continue to support you based on that total lack of leadership.

    You would be Alex Salmond's "unpardonable folly" in a frock - so to speak, then?

    So under you, Scotland wouldn't lift a finger militarily to save the world from fascist dictators.

    Your policy in the second world war would not have been that of republican America fighting the Nazis - but you would have supported republican Ireland being neutral in the face of the fight against Nazism?

    So you have neither the intelligence nor the courage to lead? I thought your republicanism was a sign of independence of thought - but no.

    You might still be the best (or least bad) out of the three candidates for SNP leader but I'll continue to oppose the SNP on the basis of its existing foreign affairs and defence policies.

    What a grave disappointment you are!

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Dow, Scottish National Standard Bearer

  • At 11 August 2004 at 09:01, Blogger Joe said…

    Peter dow - you have got to have the worst web site I have ever seen - based on this and you crazy 'liberated iraq' argument I can only assume you are 10 years old.

    Kind Regards

  • At 13 August 2004 at 08:52, Blogger Uusikyla said…

    Peter Dow's comments are fairly standard (presumably the only reason he calls himself a standard bearer). The SNP should absolutely oppose what was never a war for the liberation of the Iraqi people, but a complex set of responses to the needs of US neocons: oil revenue, control of the Middle East, personal revenge for trying to kills GWB's 'daddy', take your pick. New Labour's 'Ethical Foreign Policy' mantra is nothing but a joke, they are mere tools of the USA, in a vain hope of influencing world events.


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