The SNP needs a real change in direction - and a more focussed approach to arguing the case for independence. We need to reach out to a much wider audience and stop relying on the Scottish Parliament as the sole focus of our campaigning. It is one of the most important tools we have but cannot be the be-all and end-all of the independence argument.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Runners and Riders

I have said from the start that the shape of this leadership campaign would not be known until nominations were closed. How right I was!

Through the twists and turns of speculation over who might or might not stand, my approach to this contest has been direct. I was the first to announce my candidacy, the first to lodge my nomination papers and I believe I will be in first place when the ballot papers are counted.

My decision to stand was my own and I seek no endorsement other than that of the party at large.

I firmly believe that I am the person best placed to unite the party and to take us forward, to secure independence for our country.

We have a new system of one member one vote in the SNP and I look forward to this contest in which it is the members who will decide.


  • At 15 July 2004 at 22:24, Blogger rob munn said…

    On you go Roseanna, reinvigorate the Independence debate and keep up the straightforward honesty - it'll pay in spades. The SNP needs to find its confidence again and reclaim its passion for campaigning. I want to hear more about how the SNP reconnects with the electorate and makes them want to vote for the SNP.

  • At 16 July 2004 at 14:19, Blogger Alister said…

    How do you view the independence convention? Have you changed your mind about building bridges to other pro-independence parties such as the SSP and Greens?

  • At 17 July 2004 at 16:22, Blogger Peter Dow said…

    "Scotland on its knees" plan unveiled

    Connery and Salmond want SNP surrender to Elizabeth.

    Alex Salmond is loyal to the United Kingdom's head of state, Queen Elizabeth.
    So Salmond is just another lackey.
    No "King-over-the-water" he.

    So the Scottish National Party leadership bid of Alex Salmond is of the United Kingdom, by the United Kingdom and for the United Kingdom.
    The Salmond come-back has been given the OK by Queen Elizabeth's loyal knight - Sir Sean Connery.

    The Connery/Salmond plan is to keep the SNP on its knees to the UK crown where the SNP leader has always been. (Unlike the previous deputy leader - Roseanna Cunningham.)

    The Elizabethan royalists have been panicked by the prospect that the SNP leadership could be won by Roseanna Cunningham - a staunch Scottish republican.

    The royalists' concern is that if the SNP moves to the republican left, Scottish independence could soon become a reality, rather than "a fantasy to keep the Jocks happy but still within the UK".
    Her Majesty wouldn't like real Scottish independence, oh no.

    Connery is a fine actor and Salmond is an able politician - but they are working for Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, NOT FOR SCOTLAND.

    Rich-man Connery from his Bahamas-tax-haven is the biggest single donor to the SNP. What does Sir Sean expect for his money - around £50,000 a year?
    For this bribe, the SNP members are being asked to betray Scotland for Queen Elizabeth.

    In the film Braveheart, William Wallace is offered a bribe too. Gibson as Wallace says -

    “A Lordship and titles, gold, that I should become Judas … Slaves are made are in such ways!”

    Connery didn’t need Queen Elizabeth’s Knighthood, and the SNP doesn’t need Connery’s money. Scotland, certainly, doesn’t need a political party that can be bought off.

    So my advice to SNP members remains the same -
    Vote Roseanna Cunningham for SNP leader
    Vote Christine Grahame for SNP deputy leader

    Peter Dow, Scottish National Standard Bearer

  • At 25 July 2004 at 01:10, Blogger Simon Holledge said…

    Congratulations on starting a blog. It may be that there aren't many people reading it yet but it is an ideal way of creating a political dialogue and I wish you every success with it. Having said that, I would appreciate seeing more information about your core political beliefs. (Reading that you are a rabbit/leo doesn't help a lot.) I would be interested in knowing your views on civil liberties, religion, support for the arts, monarchy, Europe, independence etc. I wonder if you would be willing to take the Political Compass questionnaire at: and publish the result? Just an idea . . .

  • At 29 July 2004 at 09:31, Blogger Marco Biagi said… isn't a very good test - it's worded so that it skews people further to the left than they actually are. I know an employee of the Adam Smith Institute who was told he was 3/10 to the left, for example.


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